Rich Township citizens have voted on a millage to support mosquito abatement activities within the township. The township has hired APM Mosquito Control to provide the mosquito abatement services to our citizens. Services provided by APM are:

  • Spring Aerial Larviciding
  • Spring Ground-Based Larviciding
  • Ground-based Larvididing throughout the mosquito season as needed
  • Routine Adulticiding of all roads in the township with a truck mounted ULV unit
  • Off-road treatment for citizens who have large areas that would not be effectively treated by road treatments. This is done when the road ULV route for that portion of the township is done.
  • Citizen requested yard treatments for nuisance mosquitoes
  • Citizen requested yard treatments for special events

Rich Township has been broken down into three routes for treatment with the ULV truck. These routes are routinely treated, usually on different nights. Depending on the number of requests for special treatments, weather, and unforeseen equipment breakdowns at times it may take more than one night to complete a route. If there have been moderately heavy rains off-road treatment may be suspended temporarily to avoid damage to citizens yards as well as APM’s equipment. Route one is bordered by M-24 on the West, Castle Road on the South, Millington Road on the North, and Silverwood Road on the East. Route two is bordered by M-24 on the West, Millington Road on the South, Brown Road on the North, and Silverwood on the East. Route three is bordered by M-24 on the East, Castle Road on the South, Willits Road on the West, and Brown Road on the North. Please note that border roads are only treated with one of the routes.

All treatments are weather dependent. Larviciding can be completed in a variety of weather conditions depending on what insecticide is being used. Adulticiding is typically more affected by the weather. APM uses a variety of different adulticiding insecticides each one has it’s own set of guidelines on the the label that they must follow. In general ULV treatments are shut down if it is raining hard enough to use the windshield wipers in the truck, the winds are above 10 MPH, or the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather conditions can be different in one area of the township than another, if winds are bordering the shut off limit, some sheltered areas may still be able to be treated, this decision will be made by the technician to follow the guidelines for the insecticide they are currently using.

All APM employees who apply pesticides are given extensive training geared specifically toward mosquito abatement. All technicians are certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rurual Development as commercial applicators in category 7F mosquito control.

What can I do to reduce my mosquitoes?

Mosquito control is not mosquito eradication. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Below are a few things that homeowners can do to help reduce the number of mosquitoes in their yards, and to avoid being bitten

  • Get rid of old tires. Old tires are a great breeding place for mosquitoes, especially the species known to carry West Nile Virus.
  • Dump out any containers holding water in your yard.
  • Keep your yard clean
  • Make sure tarps are tight and do not collect water
  • Keeping your grass trimmed with given them fewer places to hide
  • Call APM if you know there are areas of standing water on your property that cannot be dumped out
  • Wear light colored clothing
  • Wear long sleeves and pants
  • Use mosquito repellant according to the label directions

Contact APM

APM has offices in Armada, Flint, and Gladwin. Typically the technicians who work in Rich Township are dispatched from the Flint office. If you have any questions about mosquito control, mosquito biology, pesticides used, or would like to schedule a treatment, please call APM directly. If you are requesting treatment for a specific event, please try to call at least two days in advance to allow for possible weather events.

Toll Free: 877-276-4714

APM Mosquito Control website